Market Position

Definition: Multi-platform, across multiple forms of media

At the most basic level, transmedia-content (stories) are told across multiple media platforms. Consumers become hunters and gatherers pulling together and sharing information from multiple sources, processing and distributing through multiple different platforms. Content creators leverage transmedia storytelling, expanding the parameters of media intellectual property, exploiting many different channels, and creating different “entrypoints” through which consumers can become immersed in targeted content. Advertisers utilize multiple touch points for branding and product engagement, promoting the proliferation of new media platforms built upon online video, gaming, mobile, live streaming and social commerce.

Evolution of Traditional Venture Capital:

Entrepreneurs are becoming much more deal savvy and they have a strong desire to work with groups that can not only satisfy their funding requirements, but that can bring real value at critical stages within the company’s lifecycle. Later stage venture groups are missing the opportunity to identify and engage with early stage, capital efficient companies with strong exit potential or companies that could develop into the next potentially big disruptive media technology.

New Realities for Startups:

The time required for companies to develop, launch, grow and profitably exit is shrinking very quickly. It is becoming increasingly obvious that highly successful and innovative companies are founded and launch themselves with far smaller capital requirements while exits (primarily acquisitions) are occurring more frequently prior to late stage funding events. The open-source movement has helped these young companies avoid spending valuable capital on software licensing, and has further expedited product release cycles and time to market. Once products are launched, social media channels and viral platforms have allowed companies to accelerate product adoption and acquire customers at rates never seen before.

The Decline of Traditional Media & the Growth of Digital Media:

Media revenue is rapidly shifting online, forcing traditional media companies to look for new technologies to keep them relevant and to grow their business. Most traditional media companies are being forced to “outsource” innovation through the acquisition of innovative start-up technology companies, creating a unique opportunity for investors. This shift will accelerate over the next five years, driven by entrepreneurial companies that will represent extraordinary investment opportunities.

18 -24 year olds are spending more time online than watching television. As a result, brand marketers are beginning to allocate the $80 billion television advertising budget to other channels. Online revenue will overtake print advertising revenue within the next two years. Marketing and advertising dollars are flowing online and the sector is expected to double in size within the next 5 years to $50 billion.