Buddy Platform, Inc.

David McLauchlan and Jeff MacDuff founded Buddy Platform, Inc. in 2011. Buddy provides cloud services for app developers and robust analytics for publishers. To date, Buddy has received more than $1.1M in seed funding.

Buddy is a “backend-as-a-service” (BaaS) startup that provides a place for people to build mobile apps without server-side code. Buddy provides a set of cloud services for mobile applications that enables developers to build engaging, cloud-connected apps with less code, while providing publishers with incredible analytics (taking into account demographics, location, social connectivity, commercial activity, and context) about how their apps are being used and by whom. Buddy helps brands, companies and publishers understand the who, what and where of their app usage sliced by demographics, locations and more.

Founder/CEO: David McLauchlan
Category: Enterprise
Location: Kirkland, WA