Justin Stanislaw and Bryan Jowers founded Giftiki in 2009. Giftiki is a fun and social way to give and receive gifts among friends. To date, Giftiki has raised more than $1.02M in funding.

Giftiki is an event-based, collaborative gifting platform with heavy social integration and game mechanics that leverages the power of strong social ties to make it easy to send a gift (money). Collaborative purchases can be coordinated through the Facebook platform, but in the very near future, retailers can offer the service on their commerce sites. Giftiki is developing a retailer platform so they include wedding registries, and consumer retail sites. Giftiki is developing an e-card API that will integrate with greetings companies (Hallmark, American Greetings, SomeEcards, JibJab, Evite, etc.) to allow users to attach a gift contribution with their e-card greeting. This is a large market opportunity and Giftiki is working with several large credit card companies to provide preferred services.

Founder/CEO: Justin Stanislaw
Category: Social Networking
Location: San Francisco, CA